"Everyone is always smiling at our school."

Georgia, age 10
Bell Farm School - Admissions
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In Year Admissions Induction

Parent Meeting and Information Gathering

After acceptance of a place but before admission, the admissions officer will meet with parents/carers for a general discussion including the health and educational background of the children. Requisite forms are completed together at this interview with a translator if required.

One Page Profiles

All children and staff at Bell Farm have completed a One Page Profile. This details three key areas of information.

1. What is great about your child

2. What your child is good at

3. The best ways to support your child

We will provide all parents with the appropriate forms to fill in at home and help their child complete a One Page Profile for when they start school.

Welcome Card

You will also receive a ‘Welcome’ card for the child, including:

  • name, address, email and phone number of our school
  • name of the class teacher and TA
  • name of class
  • name of buddy
  • start and finish times of the day
  • where to pick up/ collect from

Peer Buddy

A peer buddy will be chosen by the class teacher for new children. The buddy will support the new child’s arrival in school, including at breaktime and lunchtime.

Induction for a new child

Bell Farm has an agreed induction procedure.

  • A new child is introduced to the class teacher and teaching assistant
  • Child is introduced to their buddy
  • Child is taken on a tour of the school, accompanied by their peer buddy
  • Child is settled into class by the teaching assistant who will support the child for the rest of the week and on an ongoing basis as required
  • The class teacher will check in with the child on a regular basis, and speak with parents at the end of the week.

Children with English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Our procedures are slightly different for children with EAL. Please visit our EAL page for further information.