Our Policies

Here you will find links to all our school policies.

Bell Farm term dates‘From September 2016 all policies of Bell Farm Primary School will cover from 8am until 6pm to include both Early Morning Club and After School Club as well as the school day.’

Accessibility Action Plan

Adverse Weather Protocol

Anti Bullying Policy

Attendance and registration policy

Behaviour and Discipline Policy

Charging and Remissions Policy

Child Protection and safeguarding

Daily Act of Collective Worship Policy

Drugs and Alcohol Education Policy

EAL Policy 

Educational Visits

Equality Policy

Freedom of information

Gifted and Talented Policy

Handwriting Policy

Home School Partnership

Homework Policy

ICT and Online Safety Policy

Intimate Care Policy

Library Policy

Looked After Children

 Mobile Phone Policy 

 Packed Lunch Policy 

Privacy Notice for Primary Age Pupils

Recruitment and Selection Policy

 Religious Education Policy

 A brief guide to the Bell Farm Primary School Complaints Policy

School Aims

School Food Policy 

School Marking Policy 

School Uniform

SEN policy updated March 2017

Sex and Relationship Education Policy

Single Equality Scheme

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions 03.17

Uncollected child policy

Teaching and Learning 

Touch and Use of RPI Policy  


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