School Dinners

Bell Farm Primary School has received the Healthy Schools Award

School Dinners

Please view our current menu here: Meal choices for week beg Mon 25th June

My free school mealBell Farm Primary School has received the Healthy Schools Award.  We aim to provide a healthy, balanced meal to each and every child who has a school meal. If your child has any special dietary requirements, please click here for a form to pass to the school office. If you have a query regarding the allergens in the school menu, please click here or visit for further information.

For more details on school meals provided by Surrey County Council, please see the Commerical Services School Meals Guide 2018-19

The cost of a school meal is £2.25 per day, payable in advance.

Please click on the following link to make secure online payments, Scopay

Free School Meals

We encourage all families who think their children may be eligible for free school meals, including those in Key Stage 1 who already receive free school meals, (KS1 FSM PAGE) to contact the school office. We can check eligibility quickly and discreetly, and this information remains confidential. The school receives extra funding based on our free school meal numbers, so we can do more to  support our pupils if we know they are eligible.

To download the application form for Free School Meals please click PUPIL PREMIUM APPLICATION FORM (RECEPTION & KS1) for children in Reception to Year 2 and FREE SCHOOL MEAL PUPIL PREMIUM APPLICATION FORM (KS2 & Nursery) for children in years 3-6 and nursery.

Packed Lunches

Pupils can also bring a packed lunch to school. In line with our Healthy Schools status, we ask parents and carers to provide nutritious and healthy lunches for their children, avoiding sweets, chocolate and fizzy or fruit drinks (water or flavoured water is preferred). Packed lunches should not include nuts, peanuts or nut based products as we have children with serious nut allergies at school.

To view our packed lunch policy please see our main policies page.