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Our mission as Governors is continually to improve the educational experience of children at Bell Farm.

What is a Governing Body?

The Government requires that each school has a management team known as a governing body. This team is made up of the various stakeholders that the school serves (parents, local authority, staff and community). Governors are either elected or appointed, e.g. parent governors are elected from the parent body; the local authority (LA) appoints governors, the governing body appoints community governors.

The Governing Body has three core functions:

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  2. Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff;
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

Structure of the governing body:

At Bell Farm we meet as a Full Governing Body on at least four occasions throughout the year. We have committees focusing on resources and pupil standards and meet once a term. In addition, where working parties are required to monitor particular areas of school life, these are formed as necessary. We do also operate a pay committee and a headteacher’s appraisal committee.

Bell Farm Governors

If you are interested in helping to make Bell Farm the best school it can be and want to be more involved in school life then please contact our Chair of Governors, Eric Verheijden (ericv@bell-farm.surrey.sch.uk) for more information.

Eric Verheijden - Chair of Governors

Eric VerheijdenI was appointed as Chair of Governors in September 2016, having been a co-opted governor at Bell Farm since September 2015. I moved from Spain to the UK in 2012. My daughter is at Bell Farm and my son will join in September. I work as a financial analyst at Airproducts.

I’m very excited to be part of a great team of governors and to be able to actively contribute and make a difference at Bell Farm. Through my role as Chair of Governors and working closely with the headteacher I hope to ensure that Bell Farm continues to grow into the outstanding school that our community deserves. I am ‘proud to belong’.

Katy Huang–Vice Co-opted Governor

Katy HuangI was appointed when my oldest son was 1 year old as the school wanted succession planning for Chair of Finance & Resources Committee and I wanted to understand more about local English state schools and contribute my skills locally (strategy consulting/ MBA background).

It has been great supporting the school on its transformation and from Sept 2017 both my sons will be there together for many years to come which we are delighted by, especially as this is also our closest school.

Sharon Willox

Sharon Willox Bell Farm GovernorI have been a governor at Bell Farm for a great many years – first as a staff governor and now as a co-opted member of the team. My interest as governor lies under the health and safety remit; thinking of the children, adults and the site.

I have lived in Walton nearly all my life and worked at Bell Farm for over 22 years.   My three, now grown up, children all enjoyed their time as Bell Farm students. I am extremely proud to work with the children of Bell Farm and be part of a very pro-active governing body.

Richard Moore - Chair of Finance and Resources Committee

Richard MooreI joined Bell Farm as a governor in September 2015 and became responsible for the Finance and Resource Committee in September 2016. I have lived in the Elmbridge area for more than 25 years including Walton on Thames. Throughout my career I have worked in the financial services sector including predominantly at Citigroup and most recently at Lloyds Banking Group. I am looking forward to working with teaching staff and governors to continue the progress of recent years at Bell Farm.

Rev Jonathan Andrew Co-opted Governor

Rev Jonathan AndrewI have been a Governor since 2005 and have greatly appreciated the opportunity to support staff and pupils over the many changes that have taken place over that period.  As member of the Ministry Team at St Peter’s, Hersham’s Parish Church, I am involved with the school not only through my formal responsibilities as a governor, but also in leading assemblies, providing input to the teaching of RE, and in strengthening links with the wider community.

Also through my earlier career in the City I can bring financial and planning experience to the governing body.  Like all the governors, I am committed to making Bell Farm a school to which we are ever more ‘Proud to Belong’

Jo Wallop - Parent Governor

Jo WallopI have been a parent governor at Bell Farm School since July 2016 but a parent at the school since 2011 and I have seen it grow from an established junior school to a thriving and successful primary school in that time.My background is in HR and I have spent the last 12 years working in Further Education with 16-18 year olds and adult students. Whilst the ages are very different, many of the needs and priorities for young people are the same, however old they are.

I love having the opportunity to see a different side of the school to and being able to be a part of it, other than just as a parent. The dedication of the staff, volunteers and Governors, in ensuring that our children have an outstanding education and personal growth at Bell Farm Primary School, is amazing. I am proud to be a part of it.

Helen Baker

Helen BakerI joined Bell Farm as a governor in December 2016. I am originally from Lancashire but I have lived in the Elmbridge area for 28 years. I have spent my entire career in IT specialising in Business Development and now work for Microsoft.

I am married and have two teenage children. I am looking forward to working with the teaching staff and governors to contribute to the ongoing development of the school.

Anne Cooper

Anne Cooper Bell Farm SchoolI have worked at Bell Farm since April 2013 and the school  has grown and improved during this time. I absolutely love Bell Farm especially our fantastic children!

We have a great staff team and we all strive to do the very best for our children and families. Our governing body is strong and committed and I feel proud to be part of this team as we continue to work together to improve the school further.

Outside of school I like spending time with my family. I love travelling and visiting new places. I also like running and I try to keep fit when I’m not too busy at school!

Ollie Frith

Ollie FrithI am a Teacher, Trainer, Facilitator, Performer, Parent and now Governor but not necessarily in that order.  Following my theatre degree I taught Performing Arts and Drama as well as co-founding a Street Theatre Company Absolute Characters. I then decided to develop an education company delivering inspiring and motivational workshops for students of all ages. I am now currently the Head of Training at Pivotal Education a behaviour management specialists.

I believe that kindness and having fun are both essential to being successful. I hope I can bring an element of creativity and experience to Bell Farm and be part of the exciting improvements that the school has been experiencing.

Vicky Smith

Vicky SmithI am proud to say that I have been at Bell Farm since beginning my teaching career back in 2010, and the school has supported me through every step of my journey from NQT to SLT. My commitment to continually improving standards within our school meant that I decided to join the governing body in 2012, opting to sit on the children and learning committee.

In my spare time, you will either find me on the netball courts or up a rock face, and I also love spending time with my wonderful friends and family.

Jackie Dutton (Clerk)

I have been clerking for over 27 years and work with Babcock 4S in their Clerking Service and I also work independently with some schools in both Surrey and Kingston – these include maintained schools, academies, faith schools, secondaries, primaries, infants, juniors and MAT boards.   I have
also worked as an assessor for a clerking accreditation scheme used by Babcock 4S  for over 12 years  and gained the national clerking qualification in 2017 to ensure I was still up to date.  I have previously worked as a primary School Business Manager and also teach antenatal classes for the NCT.  I enjoy meeting and working with governors, school staff and the Babcock 4S governance team in this area of school leadership and management.  Hobbies include gardening, going to the theatre and childcare for grandchildren(!) when there is time.

Tim Inman

As a dad of two children at Bell Farm I take a keen interest in the way the school is run for the betterment of all its pupils and the wider community it serves. In November 2018 I jumped at the chance to join the governing body as one of its parent governors, eager to contribute beyond my day-to-day interactions with staff and pupils. Having trained as a chemical engineer, I’ve subsequently spent more than a decade as a self-employed scriptwriter for television and film. My aim is to bring some of that drive and determination to the role – and put my particular combination of analytical and creative thinking to good use in service of our superb school.

Governor Structure

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