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Child Protection

At Bell Farm, we recognise that the safety, welfare and care of children are of the utmost importance.

safeguarding childrenChild Protection

All staff, including temporary staff and regular volunteers are subject to stringent background checks including clearance with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) to ensure their suitability for working with children.

Guidance for visitors to Bell Farm with regard to safeguarding is available here.

Our Aims

At Bell Farm, we recognise that the safety, welfare and care of children are of the utmost importance. We are therefore committed to the highest standards in protecting and safeguarding the children entrusted into our care at all times. Our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy is available in the Policies Section.

All staff are responsible for the safety of children. In addition, we have five members of staff who are trained Designated Safeguarding Leaders (DSLs). They are responsible for dealing with child protection concerns and ensuring that these are followed up as appropriate.

DSL:        Miss Anne Cooper (Headteacher)

Deputy DSLs:   Mr Ben Wasserberg (Deputy Headteacher)

Mrs Karen Boulton (Pastoral Officer)

Mrs Alison Beardon (Assistant Headteacher)

Ms L McAdoo (Assistant Headteacher)

At Bell Farm, we ensure that:

• all reasonable measures are taken to minimise the risks of harm to children’s welfare
• all appropriate actions are taken to address concerns about the welfare of a child, or children, working to agreed local policies and procedures in full partnership with other local agencies
• all persons working at this school are made aware of this policy and trained annually

We recognise that some children may be the victims of neglect, physical, sexual or emotional abuse. Staff of the school will often, by virtue of their day to day contact and knowledge of the children, be well placed to identify such abuse and offer support to children in need.

In order to protect our children, we aim to:

• Create an atmosphere where all our children can feel secure, valued and listened to
• Recognise signs and symptoms of abuse
• Respond quickly and effectively to cases of suspected abuse
• Monitor and support children at risk
• Use the curriculum to raise children’s awareness, build confidence and skills
• Work closely with parent/carers and support external agencies
• Ensure that all adults within our school/service who have access to children have been checked as to their suitability

At Bell Farm, we place high value on Pastoral care and our Values. We will support all children by:

  • Promoting a caring, safe and positive environment within the school.
  • Encouraging self-esteem and appropriate self-assertiveness
  • Liaising and working together with all other support services and those agencies involved in the safeguarding of children
  • Notifying Social Care Services via the approved mechanisms as soon as there is a significant concern
  • Providing continuing support to a child about whom there have been concerns who leaves the school by ensuring that appropriate information is forwarded under confidential cover to the child’s new school